High-end installation and top quality systems all backed up by world-class technical knowledge and experience.

ColdFusion is a company centred around providing its clients with the latest lifestyle enhancing technologies and products, allowing them to perform or automate tasks that only a few years ago were unimaginable. Part of our high-end installation service is to listen closely to our clients requirements and endeavour to propose and install systems that exceed their expectations. Whilst we have a wealth of knowledge about today’s technology we spend much time and effort keeping abreast of the latest developments, ensuring that the equipment and systems we propose to you are as up to date as those anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves in our work and measure our success through the number of referrals that we get.

Cold Fusion was established in 2010 by Brett Izzett when he returned back to Zimbabwe after spending several years in Europe where he was running his own audio visual installation business. Having been introduced to high-end Hi-Fi in his first job in a specialised Hi-Fi and home theatre shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea, Brett left and started his own installation company which still, today, boasts among its clients, pop stars, movie directors, TV celebrities and fashion icons. Along with a broad base of training in various fields, Brett made invaluable contacts with suppliers and manufacturers alike. 

Rory Van Heerden joined ColdFusion in 2011 in order to help with the running and marketing of ColdFusion. Having come from a marketing and managing environment, Rory is ideally suited to help run installation projects as well as market the services that ColdFusion offers….

Maintenance and Service

As with most technology in this day and age, our systems will benefit from a periodical service. During these services we make sure all the equipment is working as it should be, checking batteries in remote controls and that cable connections haven’t come loose. We can also update firmware within the equipment which can improve performance provide additional functionality.