Commercial Systems

We cover a range of products and systems, from background music in restaurants, to video conferencing in board rooms, and all hotel systems.

Well designed and installed commercial audio video systems have a range of commercial applications. From boardrooms to public venues, our audio visual systems will help create the right ambience, share ideas, communicate your ideas, and entertain your guests.

Our bespoke designs provide one of a kind systems for businesses that will help them stand out from their competition!

Multi Room Audio and Video

This is the distribution of multiple channels of audio and video throughout a building. Have background music in the hotel restaurant and a more lively sound in the bars and nightclubs. Hotel audio video distribution systems can offer guests interactive services in their rooms such as movies on demand as well as the ability to book treatments, meals and excursions online.  

Public Address Systems

These are the basis of many commercial systems. With access to a wide range of equipment and professional expertise, we can cover just about any scenario in most venues. Employing tried and tested equipment, our systems are robust and will provide you with long term working solutions. 

Boardroom and Video Conferencing Systems

Gone are the days of having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on video conferencing systems. It's now possible to install cost effective high definition video conferencing systems into board rooms and offices. Face to face meetings can be held with foreign colleagues, clients and suppliers, and web based software allows you to share charts and diagrams with multiple remote attendees. Video Conferencing also saves money and time. Being able to meet and discuss ideas effectively from all corners of the globe reduces travelling costs and time spent away from the office and family. 

Professional Audio Systems

Recording studios and live music events require systems that not only perform reliably but perform to high standards. With access to not only the highest grade equipment but leading industry specialists we are well positioned to provide systems that will meet the most demanding of requirements in terms of system design, equipment and installation.


  • Harmon & Kardon
  • Shure, Genelec
  • Cloud
  • Electro Voice
  • JBL
  • Rhode
  • Pioneer
  • Onkyo