Multi-Room Audio & Video

Distribute your music and TV throughout your home or office so that you can listen to it wherever you are, and watch your favourite movie in any room.

Multi-room systems enable you to distribute your music and / or TV sources throughout your home or business without the need to have the source equipment located by each pair of speakers or TV.

By structuring the system this way, you can also listen to your music or watch your favorite TV program anywhere around the house. Imagine waking up to a playlist on your iPod, and being able to listen to it in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen whilst you eat your breakfast. If you are having guests over for dinner you could put some soft dinner music on in your living room, patio and dining room, whilst the kids watch their favourite movies in the TV room instead of the main sitting room.

By connecting your iPod, CD player, DSTV decoder and DVD player to a multi-room system you can listen to, watch and control any source from any room, as well as accessing different sources in different rooms at the same time. With multi-room systems integrating the latest technologies, it's never been a more exciting time to distribute and control AV around your home

Some of the things you can achieve with a multi-room system:

Music throughout your home: With speakers discretely installed throughout your home, your music will never be far away.

TV throughout your home: Multi-room systems allow you to not only watch your DVDs, videos, and TV throughout your home, but allow you to do it without having to have all the clutter of players and receivers next to each TV.


Control your music and TV

Using in wall keypads, wireless remote controls or even your smart phone. Adjust the volume in different rooms, change what you are listening from radio to iPod, and even browse the music on your iPod that’s docked in another room.