Residential System

Examples of some of the home installations we have completed.

Residential multi-room audio and video system

In the main sitting room there is a wall mounted 63” television  with a 5.1 surround sound speaker system. With all the source equipment being located in a rack in a utility room there is no other electronics (apart from the TV and speakers) within the living room.  DSTV and Blu-Ray DVD is fed to the TV in high definition, and as all the cabling was chased into the walls during the building of the home no cabling is visible.

The room can be controlled by either a single all in one remote control local to the room or an i-pad, or the clients' iPhones.

The family lounge also has a wall mounted TV and 5.1 surround sound system, but the speaker system is more discrete, with a single (3 in 1) front speaker under the television, and in ceiling rear speakers. A Playstation 3  hidden in the cabinet below the TV allows video games to be played in the room and acts as a local blu-ray DVD player—although the system can still access any of the sources located in the main equipment rack.

Other rooms that include TVs and in ceiling speakers are the kids' entertainment lounge (above centre) and the cigar lounge (above right). These rooms can be controlled with iPod touches, as well as a single “roaming” iPad.

The master bedroom and ensuite bathroom benefit from in-ceiling speakers which can play music from i-pods as well as the range of radio stations available from DSTV.  

Within the house there are several different ways to control the audio video system. An iPad acts as the master control, allowing the client to control any room throughout the house, browse music stored on the remote iPod and access DSTV TV channels as well as radio stations. There are also hard buttoned remotes (above centre) in several rooms that just control the room they are located in.

What’s clever about the system

  • Rooms are clutter free of electronics. All the AV equipment is housed out of site in a central rack.
  • No restrictions on what you watch and where. You can watch any DSTV decoder, or listen to any music source in any room.
  • It’s easy to use. With custom designed i-pad and i-phone interfaces the whole family can use the system.



  • 2 home cinema systems
  • 3 rooms with televisions and audio
  • 3 rooms with audio

Available to every room, and includes:  

  • 4 x DSTV decoders
  • 1 x Blu-Ray DVD
  • 1 x i-pod dock
  • 1 x airplay source

Every room can be controlled with:

  • An all in one remote control (one in each of the main rooms)
  • An i-pad (one i-pad can controls every room in the house)
  • An i-phone (2 i-phones can control every room in the house)
  • I-pod touches (3 i-pod touches control the smaller rooms)

Telephone and Data
The house is covered by a Wifi network and an IP based telephone PABX.