Home Automation

Is about controlling all the electronic gadgets around your home from one, easy to use control panel, such as a touch screen remote, iPad or iPhone.

Home automation is the name given to bundling a whole group of technologies and equipment together and getting everything to work as a single, user-friendly system.

In today’s modern house there are a range of systems and equipment geared towards comfort and luxury. From electric gates to heated towel racks, there’s almost nothing that you can imagine that isn’t made by somebody somewhere. Now, individually all these systems might be a lot to juggle. That’s where home automation comes in.

Our control systems communicate with all the various systems within your home and with our programming and set-up, based around your lifestyle and requirements, we set-up your home so that otherwise repetitive jobs are performed automatically, like switching on the gate and driveway lights every evening, whilst other tasks are easily performed at the touch of a single button, like being able to turn off all the TVs, music, air-conditioning units and bedroom lights when you leave the house. On your return you can “turn the house back on” just as easily.

But the benefits don’t just stop there. Home automation can save on your energy bills by turning off systems when they are not in use. Advanced systems will even allow you to control things remotely, so that you can open your gate for a delivery from your office or check your security cameras whilst on holiday abroad. The possibilities are almost endless, but most importantly, more easily achievable now than ever before. Systems have been refined, designs improved and costs cut. Setting up and automating all your systems at home or at work is now within reach.

Home automation system

Some of the systems home automation systems can integrate with and control:

  • Home theatre systems
  • Multi-room audio and video systems
  • Lighting control and electric curtain and blind control
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Security and CCTV systems
  • Access control -  Door and gate entry systems.