Home Cinema

Our home theatre systems will bring a new dimension to your movie, TV, and gaming experiences.

A good home theatre is as much a result of the installation as it is the equipment. Every system we install is built around our clients' requirements and budget.

With suppliers in South Africa, Europe and North America we spec the latest equipment and use the best brands available at any given price point. With over 10 years of experience installing advanced AV equipment and excellent tech support from our suppliers we are confident that the equipment we install will perform to its full potential guaranteeing you get the most out of your system.

Some of the service and products we offer for home theatre systems are:

Cinema Design - We can design your cinema’s layout of equipment and furniture and show you 3D renderings of what it might look like.

Movie servers - Store all your movies onto a Hard-drive based system and watch them anytime.

Surround sound - In the latest surround sound formats of Dolby Digital HD and DTS High Definition sound. (Blu-Ray)

Acoustic treatments - your equipment might sound good, but your rooms acoustics might hold the system back. We can help correct room acoustics releasing the full potential of your audio equipment.

3D - Watch 3D content on either your flat screen TV or with a projector.

True Widescreen pictures - Tired of black bars above and below your movie picture—Watch movies on a TV screen or projection screen that has a true movie aspect.

All in one remote - Ensure that your home theatre is easy to use with a single all in one remote control


Some of the service and products we offer for home theatre systems are:

  • Cinema Design
  • Movie servers
  • Surround sound
  • Acoustic treatments
  • 3D
  • True Widescreen pictures
  • All in one remote