Our in-house services include system design, supply, installation and configuration. We also service and maintain to ensure optimum operation.

ColdFusion specialises in designing and installing home theatres, multi-room audio and video systems, and integrated control systems that can control not only your audio video systems but also lighting, air-conditioning, and CCTV systems.

We are able to supply and oversee all your project requirements from start to finish, providing system proposals, planned schematics, equipment installation and configuration, as well as the necessary back-up after the project is complete. We specialise in both residential  and commercial systems.

We pride ourselves in our work and employ the latest equipment and technologies developed for this market.

In-house services:

System design

With years of experience and access to an incredibly wide range of audio video equipment, we can design systems to meet and hopefully exceed your requirements and expectations.

Once you’ve approved our system we go to work providing builders, electricians, carpenters and other contractors with the necessary drawings and cabling diagrams to allow them to accommodate our systems seamlessly into your home or business.


All of the equipment we supply comes from trade suppliers who back-up their equipment not only with warranties, but also with the technical know-how that helps integrate systems to their full potential. This back-up and support means piece of mind for you, knowing that our systems can be serviced and repaired throughout their life.

Installation and configuration

All of our systems are carefully and painstakingly assembled and connected by us. They are neatly cabled and labelled to ensure easy troubleshooting in the future as well as to ensure that servicing and maintenance can be carried out quickly and effectively.

Once cabled, our systems are then configured and programmed to each client's requirements. Being one of the only companies able to do this locally means that any service issues that may arise can be dealt with quickly and cost effectively, without the need to call on expensive foreign support.

Installing a hi-end home cinema projector with an anamorphic lens—which allows films to watched in an extra wide 21:9 aspect ratio—just like at the cinema.

This acoustically transparent screen has the front cinema speakers hidden behind it and can change it’s aspect ratio with masking that automatically feeds out from the sides. Note the subwoofer below the screen—this is one of the most powerful studio grade subwoofers in the world. - it rocks!


Maintenance and Service

As with most technology in this day and age, our systems will benefit from a periodical service. During these services we make sure all the equipment is working as it should be, checking batteries in remote controls and that cable connections haven’t come loose. We can also update firmware within the equipment which can improve performance provide additional functionality.